Can we all collectively agree that nothing makes us smile more than amazing parents who adore their kids? For some people, the journey towards parenthood isn’t quite as straightforward. When it came to Luca Trapenese, he always knew he wanted to be a father. Sometimes you sense your calling. For Luca, fatherhood was it. Unfortunately, as a single, gay man in Italy, the steps towards entering the adoption pool were trickier than usual. It wasn’t until 2017 that certain bans were lifted, finally allowing him to be considered as an adoptive parent. In July of that year, Luca was told they’d found a child for him — a little girl with Down syndrome. It was the happiest day of his life.

Embrace Being Special

Though Luca was allowed to be considered as an adoptive parent starting in 2017, he was told he would only be permitted to adopt a child who had behavioral or health problems. This made no difference to Luca. However, it seems that most families on the lookout for a child to adopt are not quite as open and flexible as he was. Little baby Alba, who soon became Luca’s legal daughter, had already been rejected by more than 20 families due to her disability. 

Having worked for organizations that support kids with special needs since he was a teenager, Luca wasn’t afraid to take on the extra challenge of adopting a child with Down syndrome. 

Destined to be Together

After Luca got the call that they had a child for him, he rushed to the hospital to meet the baby he would soon call his daughter. When he met Alba, Luca’s heart burst. He immediately felt a strong connection to her. Overcome with joy, he held her for the first time and knew how happy they would make each other for all the years to come. 

According to Luca, “Alba completely revolutionized my life. Now everything revolves around her. She brought me happiness and a sense of fulfillment. I am proud to be her dad.” It’s difficult to imagine a response sweeter than this. How lucky is Alba to have a father as incredible as him? 

Spreading the Word

So what exactly is Down syndrome? Also known as trisomy 21, it’s a genetic disorder caused by a third copy of chromosome 21. Those born with Down syndrome often experience growth delays, some level of intellectual disability and distinctive facial features. One of the most common chromosome abnormalities, Down syndrome occurs in approximately one in every 1,000 babies. The disorder is named after a British doctor, Langdon Down, who was the first in the medical field to fully describe it.

While Luca already had experience around kids with disabilities, he wanted to spread the word about the amazing lives that those with special needs can lead. In order to do that, he published a book titled “Vi Stupiremo Con Difetti Speciali,” which translates to, “We Will Amaze You With Special Defects,” in English.

Unending Love

The bond formed between a child and their parent is pretty much the strongest one out there and this is no different in the case of kids who have adoptive parents. In fact, in a study conducted by Yale and the University of Denver, it was proven that the structure of a man’s brain actually changes when he has a child. Luca’s life has improved massively since Alba first came into his life and he posts frequently on Instagram about their lovely life together. There’s no doubt that Alba feels lots of love every day, just like every child deserves.